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Cute Cult Collective

“Evoke Your Magik”


We are an innovative and imaginative collective creating capability systems for entrepreneurial artists.


We try to nurture environments that empower creatives and their clients.


We endeavor to create experiences that encourage creativity, individuality, independence and empowerment.


We are a group of like-minded independent artists and entrepreneurs set on encouraging beauty on all planes of the mental and physical landscapes.


We want to create businesses that feed beauty, charm, empowerment and independence within the creative community. More than superficial products and services but relationships that strengthen the inside and out.


Each business has a unique identity, but each are driven by our core concepts of empowerment and self love. Our businesses consist of The Nail Coven and The Unicorn Barn, and art projects such as Mascara Monsters, with more on the horizon.


While trends are necessary to any artistic enterprise it is not our main objective. Rather it is to bring forth our vision of a turn key system for creative entrepreneurs that will empower and nurture beautiful experiences and relationships. A system that sets creatives up for success and waters their imagination and confidence. 

Whimsical details enchant our spaces to evoke the everyday magik of empowerment, independence, love, and imagination that crave release in every mind, body and soul. We focus on the complete experience to immerse you in the wonder that is you at your highest potential. 

Anyone can open a basic salon or business. We are not any salon or business. We are an ecosystem for those craving beauty, whimsy, individuality and independence. We aim to instill the knowledge of entrepreneurialism in our partners. Cute Cult Collective is not looking to be everyone’s business or creative space. Just those who understand the balance of creativity, commerce and empowerment.

We look forward to meeting those of you who are of like-mind.

Cute Cult Collective includes

The Nail Coven

The Unicorn Barn

Mascara Monsters


Cute Cult Collective was started by, me, Leia Gadow, an artist and entrepreneur. I believe in bringing individual style and passion to any endeavor that feeds independence, empowerment and self love. My whole life I craved work that was fulfilling, creative and allowed me to express my individuality. When I finally felt I had found it I devoted almost a decade of my life to a company that promised me a future in a creative field. Then in one day that promise was revoked. The company let me and the entire staff go with no notice or severance. This opened my eyes to a harsh reality. The only one who I can rely on is myself. I made up my mind that day I would only ever depend on myself for fulfilling work and sufficiency. I knew that however I accomplished this I would help others do the same.

With a love for beauty and whimsy I entered beauty school with the intent to open my own salon that would create the same independence I craved and encourage self love for others. Within two years of finishing school I had opened my first salon The Nail Coven and a year and a half after that my second, The Unicorn Barn. These businesses provide a fun, cute and clean environment for other's in the beauty industry to also achieve their independence and preserve their individuality.

I am continuing to build other businesses and systems that cultivate empowerment and charm for others in creative fields. 

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